It is often said that SPTC Job Placement Cell -industry linkages are gainful for innovation performance and for sustaining economic growth of an Ex graduate from SPTC social & Economic life.

The workplace learning Motivational Soft Skill Training from SPTC-Job Placement Cell is offered by the Industries are very useful in finding the missing links between the existing knowledge and the practical scenario of the workplace – the ultimate destination of the SPTC graduates.

 Thus the intensive interaction between industries and  SPTC can largely reduce the gap between the theories and practices leading to efficient innovation and boosting up of an economy.

In Bangladesh, the concept might sound new but it has been very successful in most of the SPTC Training & Placement Cell. The Job Placement Cell of SPTC strongly holds that a meaningful partnership between SPTC and industry can be beneficial to both provided the working modalities are judiciously outlined.

SPTC Cell is an Industrial Linkage and Learning Center :

Industrial Linkage is not only a concept but a widely used practice in many developed and developing countries. It is generally said that SPTC-Industrial Linkages secures brings some touchable and incorporeal benefits to the partners

it is necessary for the Professional Technical Centre to collaborate with industry to combine efforts promotion the circulation of knowledge, increasing research and development, patenting innovation and commercializing products.

It has also become increasingly accepted that the close PTC-industry interactions can secure national economic prosperity. From these points of view, the Job Placement Cell of SPTC aims to secure maximum benefits for its students through Industrial linkages.

SPTC also hope that an intensive collaboration with the industrial sector would pave the way to produce graduates based on the needs of the country and beyond.


SPTC-Job Placement Cell Unoccupied:


 This issue has been followed below for more gainful Job Placement:

  • Dept/ Trade wise Industry Listing.
  • Dept / Trade wise Increasing Linkage with potential Employers.
  • Group-wise Industry list for Industrial Training.
  • Arrange faculty tour into the industry.
  • Invite guest lecture from the Industry.
  • Searching advertisement, Newspaper, the online job portal for placement.
  • Arrange seminar, the workshop for job placement with the Employers.
  • Arrange Job Fair.
  • In campus interview.



Requirements are made based on the demand of the labor market. In each & every moment SPTC- Job Placement Team hunting jobs the applicant may apply by uploading his/her most recent resume online or drop it in at the SPTC office. Resume sent to Job placement cell. Placement cell offered one Training season for the applicant for orientation on Entrepreneurship development. Please note that only SPTC Graduate students are allowed to apply.


We have arranged:

  • Session wise database of the student.
  • Career counseling with the Student.
  • Arrange Soft skill Training for the Student.
  • Arranging in campus mock interview for the Students.
  • Conduct Training Need Assessment (TNA) for the Students.
  • Industrial Attachment for the Students.
  • Arrange Dept. /Trade wise Special Training for the Students.
  • Arrange Training to increase communication Skill for the Students



Internships is a compulsory part of the SPTC curriculum and so SPTC regularly makes arrangements for these. Students are placed in different government and non-government organizations, consistent with their academic backgrounds as well as their future career planning. Before sending students as internees to concerned organizations, SPTC arranges briefing sessions for them so that they are in possession of the best possible ideas, knowledge, and experience for these organizations. During the internship period, SPTC follows up on their progress and performance.

The main target of this internship program is not only to depute a good number of students to particular organizations for 3 to 4 months but also to develop them sufficiently for the job market.