Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool causing fusion.

Module for Welding Course

Day Module No Job Description
1 1 Occupational health and safety (OHS), Personal protective equipment (PPE), Safety of welding Workshop
2 2 Measuring Instrument, Hand Tools, Power Tools & Equipment
2 3 Measuring by Slide Calipers or vernier calipers, Try Square & Still Tape
2 4 Introduce of  Welding Machine
1 5 Introduce different types of  Electrode
2 6 Use of cutting tools & Hand Grinding Machine
1 7 Basic and The Foundation of Engineering  Drawing
4 8 Different types of  welding passes
30 9 Type of Welding joint and position
Module No Module Name Description
1 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) 1.  Describe Health & Hygiene


2. Describe Occupational Diseases

3.  Describe the Causes of Occupational Diseases

4.  Describe First Aid

5.  Perform First aid action

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

6.  Describe personal protective Equipment

7.  Identify different types of PPE

8.  Perform the uses of PPE

Safety of Welding Workshop 9.  Describe workshop safety


10.  Describe  workshop safety rules and precaution

11.  Describe accident and identify main reasons

12.  Describe fire & classification of fire

13.  Describe fire-fighting equipment

14.  Identify the location of fire-fighting equipment

15.  Perform to operate fire-fighting equipment

16.  Perform good house keeping

2 Measuring Instrument, Hand Tools, Power Tools & Equipment 17.  Describe about measurement


18  Identify different types of measuring tools

19.  Ensure safe use of different measuring tools and equipment

20.  Identify different types of machine tools & hand tools

21.  Ensure safe use of different Power tools and hand tools


3 Measuring by Slide Calipers or Vernier Calipers, Try Square & Still Tape 22.  State the specification of slide calipers or vernier calipers


23.  Identify the main parts of slide calipers or vernier calipers

24.  Perform measurement by slide calipers or vernier caliper in metric system & british system

25.  Perform measurement by Try Square & Still Tape


4 Introduce of  Welding Machine 26.  Description  & Classification of welding


27.  Identify different types of welding machine and welding machine properties

28.  Introduce with different machine of welding

29.  Introducing to Ac power & Dc power

30.  Introducing to Ac, Dc, TIG, MIG, MAG welding machine

5 Introduce Different Types of  Electrode 31.  Classification of electrode


32.  Specification of welding electrode

33.  Ensure safe use electrode on environment

34.  Perform on different types of  electrode

6 Use of Cutting Tools & Hand Grinding Machine 35.  Identify different types of cutting tools


36.  Describe cutting tool materials

37.  State different types of tool bit with specification

38  Identify cutting angles of tool bit

39.  Perform on Grinding Machine to using finishing metal surface area

40.  Perform on auto gas cutter using MS plate

41.  Perform on Drill Machine to using MS metal

7 Basic and The Foundation of Engineering  Drawing 42.  Describe about engineering drawing


43.  Describe about line, circle, triangle, square

44.  Describe about orthographic drawing & isometric drawing

8 Different Types of  Welding Passes 45.  Identify different types of  passes


46.  Perform on root, hot, fill and cap passes

9 Type of Welding Joint and Position 47.  Describe to American Welding Society referred joints by the butt, lap, tee, corner and edge


48.  Describe about Fillet weld joint

49.  Describe about Groove weld joint

50.  Describe about Types of welding position

51.  Perform on state welding bid and weaving welding bid to using flat bar

52.  Perform on a flat welding to using flat position(1F and 1G)

53.  Perform on horizontal welding position(2F and 2G)

54.  Perform on vertical welding position (3F and 3G)

55.  Perform on overhead welding position (4F and 4G)

56.  Perform on 5G & 6G welding position on MS pipe